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In the R&D, it is not unusual to work with external partners. It is thanks to innovation that it is possible to share ideas, have opinions and be able to change your original vision. This is made possible by the establishment of C.R.E.A.T.e or ‘Community of Research Excellence & Advanced Technology’ that  has taken an important step towards the extension of an innovative discovery organization on world scale. In the past, every research team and every pharmaceutical actor, behaved like it was on an island, where the results never left. By the use of an open innovative environment, everything is possible these days.

CREATe plays the role of partner and integrator within Janssen. By working international together with about 350 people, equally divided in Europe and the US, it is possible to share ideas with the world. The assignment of CREATe is to identify and help the movement of compounds in the early stages of development in order to increase the chance of a positive outcome. Within Europe, I am proud to pronounce, that Beerse is the largest team, next to Val de Reuil (France) and Toledo (Spain). Both Europe and the US have experts that the other teams need, and this is why it is important to communicate in an open way.

CREATe has four strategic areas namely: core scientific technologies, molecular sciences, integrative system Biology and translational sciences. The first area, core scientific technologies, registers every molecule that has ever been synthesized within Janssen. It is the goal of CREATe to further complement this library. The second area of molecular sciences tries to make it easier to find the right couple the right target substances to the corresponding diseases. Integrative system Biology is the third area, where tests are developed in order the research the effects of a molecule. The fourth and last area is translational sciences. Here the capacity is tested, with which a molecule will be accepted by the body and the improvement of the safety of a chemical molecule.

These four areas are important to secure a safe future for the patients, and new ideas are getting harder to come up with. Do you think you can come up with some possibilities for future drugs or improvements?


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  1. jensdeklerck schreef:

    So CREATe is a system developed by Janssens Pharmaceutics to exchange information of all the research departments of Janssens Pharmaceutics worldwide and help in the beginning stages of a new drug development? Or do they also work on projects from beginning until the end?

  2. CREATe is actually the name of the lab, so it has nothing to do with other companies. However, they do make contact with other companies in order to exchange information. They are not at the prime beginning of drug development, as this is the work of the biology site of the research center. The employees of CREATe do purifications of compounds that the chemists cannot purify with FLASH chromatography (a short type of separation). Next to these purifications, they try to develop new methods of faster and better separations or optimizing the existing methods. For this, they exchange as much information as possible as other people have other visions, experience and angles to look at a problem.

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