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The Hell of the North


Hello followers,

In this post I will show you a video of that other side nobody sees in cycling races. This one is about the riders who can not follow the peloton due to different reasons in Paris-Roubaix. They mostly ride alone and suffer hard trying to get back at the peloton but at a certain point this is not possible anymore. When those riders are more than 25 minutes behind the peloton they have to take place in the “bezemwagen” and continue their way to Roubaix in that car.

This shows how hard cycling can be in contrast with a lot of other sports. Cycling is pure physical and, you have to push your body true a barrier of pain to win races. Thats the reason I like this sport and im happy I can contribute to the performances of these riders true Ridley.

Enjoy this short video!


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