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Lightest bike in the world


In this post I will illustrate what technology nowadays can lead to. I introduce you the lightest bike in the world. This complete road bike tips the scales at a weight of 2.7kg!

Originally owned by German cyclist Gunter Mai, the first build started out at about 3.3kg, lowered to 2.9kg in Mai’s possession. But don’t for one-minute think of this bike as an exhibition piece that’s never properly used. Mai and others put more than 20,000km on it over a period of two years. As it stands today, the bike is believed to have cost in excess of US$ 45,000. The backbone of this exceptional build is a custom 642.5g frame built by a German firm. Bosses were even integrated into the frame’s head tube to accommodate super light, down tube-style shifters. The build features a one-off fork produced by THM, the people behind the world’s lightest production road bike fork. The result is a 185.9g carbon masterpiece between the frame and front wheel.

However this bike is proved to be safe and reliable, it is not allowed to race with by the UCI. This keeps raising questions if the rules are still correct in the 21th century. In my opinion they aren’t, especially the minimum bike weight should be lowered. This can only be good for further research in materials as carbon fiber etc.



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